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Below is a list of the workshops and gatherings we will be offering in early 2022.  If there is one you are interested in, please fill out the Contact Us as availability is limited in our workshops. We will put you on the list and get back to you as soon as dates have been selected. 


Dare to Lead

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“Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step-up, put yourself out there and lean into courage. The world is desperate for braver leaders. It’s time for all of us to step up.

This workshop is for anyone who finds themselves in a leadership role. Whether it is through your business, organization, church, school, or community, we are called upon to lead. During out time together participants will examine your own call to courage, learning how to show up, be seen and engage in the best and most successful version of YOU in whatever arena brought you here. A courageous culture connects its values to specific behaviors, so people know what is expected, encouraged, and rewarded within the world in which they lead.  In addition to setting clear expectations, the process gives you a new language and tools to lead from a place of grounded confidence. Out time together will be focused on the four pillars of leadership

  • Rumbling with Vulnerability:

Face risk, uncertainty, and tough conversations with courage, clarity, and empathy.

  • Living into our Values:

Identify what you stand for and how to show up from a place of integrity every day.

  • BRAVING Trust:

Build meaningful and authentic connections with your teams, colleagues and customers so you can work together from a foundation of trust.

  • Learning to Rise:

Become aware of your emotions and stories and learn how to show up and lead with courage… even when faced with failure, disappointment, and setbacks.

​Upon successful completion of the 24-hour training participants will receive a LinkedIn badge and certificate recognizing their mastery of the four skill sets of courage and admission to a private LinkedIn group.

For more details to sign up for this workshop click on this link

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The Next Chapter

Women's Retreat

This workshop is for women who want to examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that hold you back and get in the way of living the life you truly desire. As a participant, you will be led on a journey of exploring the universal experience of feeling "not good enough" and how this keeps you playing smaller than you like in the arenas of family, work, and relationships. We will look at the myths that women go through and how to rewrite the next chapters of your life. We will use play and song to help you embrace the beauty and courage that comes from within. Drawing on the groundbreaking concepts, tools, and practices from the research of Dr. Brené Brown,  as well as current thought and change leaders, you will explore how to "show up - be seen and engage"  in your own life. Learn how by sharing your story, you can tap into your power, resilience, and worthiness. You will leave with practices (based on research) that help you internalize your worth, foster self-compassion, and promote connection with others, making you more resilient and able to dare greatly. This is  an in person workshop and is limited in size.

 Daring Greatly and Rising Strong in Recovery 

Sometimes the hardest conversations to have with loved ones are the ones that we know in our hearts are the right ones.  It takes courage to show up and set boundaries. It takes being vulnerable in not knowing the outcome. And it takes faith that when we speak or act from a place of authenticity, the right things no longer are quite so difficult. 
Based on a combination of the curriculum of Daring Greatly and Rising Strong and the Principles of the 12 steps of Recovery we will explore  a format that will look at how we maneuver and thrive in a world of Recovery. These are two separate workshops. In Daring Greatly in Recovery we will explore the values and principles that govern recovery in the the world we live in now. In Rising Strong in Recovery we will do a deeper dive in how to process and move through the 12 steps of recovery.

Pulling from her own experience as both a coach and a part of the Recovery Community, Roxanne brings her passion for helping others to show up, be seen and connect in a world that is often not discussed in a safe and supportive environment. She has brought together some of the people for these workshops,  who have committed their lives to helping others in this arena. In an intimate and supportive setting, we will learn how to live in the present, one day at a time. We will focus on what and how we need to live a wholehearted life in recovery.  As with all of her workshops, everything that is said during the workshops are held in the strictest of confidence. There is a saying in recovery groups: “What is said here, let is stay here."


Please click this link and let us know if you would be interested in talking to Roxanne more about this.

All events scheduled for the near future will be virtual. If you are interested in taking one of our workshops, please fill Out the Contact Us form and we will reach out to you with dates and more information.

“I have found comfort in groups that allow me the ability to share my story and
listen while other people share theirs. It is in those rooms that I most realize that
I have had many years of trusting in a power greater than myself that will restore me to a place of well being and knowing.”

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