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“Through this journey of self-discovery, I found my passion and purpose in helping inspire individuals, families, and organizations to take the steps necessary to break old habits and paradigms that are no longer serving them. I created Erdahl Coaching out of a belief and my own professional experience that the right conversations can create new ways of being. For over 30 years my collective training, understanding, and knowledge in the ability to change and show up as our authentic selves have led me to this work. When all is said and done, what I bring to you through my company and as your coach is someone who walks her talk. I look forward to helping you do the same”


- Roxanne-

Roxanne M. Erdahl, PCC, CDWF, CDTLF

Coach, Facilitator, Consultant

Roxanne Erdahl has been on the forefront of the coaching and team building movement for over twenty-five years. Drawing from her background as an entrepreneur, community organizer, coach, and consultant for small businesses, not for profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and teams, she specializes in re- energizing and inspiring individuals and groups, allowing them to reach their full potential. She provides her clients the opportunity to shift their perceptions through use of, curious inquiry, measurable goals, and accountability, that enables them to overcome adversity in these difficult times.


As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) of Erdahl Coaching, she contributes her energy, fun, and commitment to her clients. Roxanne is skilled at knowing the right questions to ask to move the conversation towards the solution waiting to be heard. 


Her diverse commercial experience and her intuitive ability to understand the impact of conversations both personally and in organizations and groups are critical for those clients who are motivated to go to the next level. Throughout her career she has been a transformational catalyst for change in every arena she has worked. Roxanne is also a member of the team of worldwide Facilitators as a Certified Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. This work is based on the research and teachings of Dr. Brené Brown. Roxanne has worked with both intact teams in organizations as well as people from all backgrounds coming together to move from a place of armored leadership to daring and wholehearted leadership.

We believe that you have the answers inside of you. We have the experience, background, and training to ask the right questions to bring out those answers.

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