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Something brought you here.  Perhaps you are ready to take that step from where you are now to where you want to be. A coaching relationship can be a powerful experience, involving the development of new possibilities, new levels of achievement and personal growth. The coaching relationship between a coach and the client is founded upon mutual trust and respect.


As our coaching client, we believe you are already successful, accomplished, and healthy. At Erdahl Coaching, we will support you in reaching goals as co-created by the you and your coach. This hands-on innovation involves curiosity and learning. There may be times when the learning involves new discoveries about the way your own actions, be it personal or professionally through your team or organization, play a part in situations you wish to better understand and change. Our job is to help to guide you, but the process and success is up to you.

We offer this learning in the following ways:

  • Individual Coaching both personally and professionally

  • Team and Organizational Coaching

  • Workshops

    • Daring Way™

    • Rising Strong in Recovery

    • Dare to Lead™

  • Speaking Engagements

    • Key Notes

    • Lunch and Learns

    • Half Day and Full Day custom programs

What we offer at Erdahl Coaching is a culmination of the years of experience and learning that allows us to create the blueprint that is best for you.


The initial conversation is complimentary between you and Roxanne. You will have an opportunity to discuss what brought you here. She will begin to inquire to make sure you get the results you are hoping to find. Whether it is individual Coaching, workshops or a combination of both, our success at Erdahl Coaching is in helping you to create the life you desire.

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