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The Three C’s in Life

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Choice as defined by the dictionary is “the act of choosing : the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities” When someone use to say to me,”it is your choice”, there was an immediate tug of war that went on inside of my being. What if I make a wrong choice, what if I do not like my choice, and what if someone else does not like my choice ? And then I took a course with a wise man Dr. Stuart Heller. He taught us an exercise called Samauri Decisiveness. Within that exercise there are seven movements:

Open to possibilities

Choose the one for now

Commit to Action

Release the Power


Accept the Consequences


When he first showed us this exercise, I got it. All except the last one. Relax. What I realized in doing this exercise was the lack of confidence I had in my decision making. Turning and walking away from a decision let alone relax in to that decision was very foreign to me. The time and energy I took in second guessing myself was draining. As with any new practice it takes time. But after practicing this technique I have learned to ease in to my choices embodied in the seven steps I was taught.

Today I am able to be open to possibilities. I can make a choice understanding that it is just for now. Choices can be modified. After weighing all of the variables I commit to action, go to a place of center, move ahead with my choice, accept the consequences and most of all turn and walk away relaxed.

As the years have gone on it has become second nature to me now. I very rarely second guess myself. And when that old habit comes back, I smile and nod and say “thanks, I’ve got this’.

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