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How to Embrace Changes

Change not is difficult, it is resistance to change that gets us in trouble.

As we find ourselves going through change we sometimes respond in a mood of fear or anxiety. We tend to tense up in our body and use language of” I do not like this… or I am so worried about what lies ahead”.

What would happen if we shifted the mood to one of anticipation, welcoming the NEW with a mood of excitement. Once we make this shift in our mood, the body will move accordingly. Breathing will ease, the body will relax, and our vision will be to the future letting go of the change ahead with less tension. Our language will be of confidence and wonder.

Ontological coaching teaches us that being able to center and move to what we need to access our moods, body and language will afford us a life based in ease and awe. By having the ability to choose our response we move through our uneasiness to joy and even excitement.

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