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Lessons of Baking a great loaf of Bread

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

One of my favorite books is Where the Heart Waits, by Susan Monk Kidd. In it she talks of teaching her daughter how to make bread. She talks about that time when we knead the bread and put it in the bowl, cover it up and let it rise. Her daughter was impatient and did not want to wait the allotted time. She talked about how waiting, allowing something to take the time needed to really complete the process can be very difficult and yet so crucial to how it turns out.

How often do we observe ourselves taking an action and not getting the results that we want, only to do it over and over again? Having the ability to observe ourselves in a situation and have available the action we want to take to get the desired results can be exciting and rewarding.

I used to be a bread maker and just like SM Kidd said to her daughter, I use to not be able to wait the allotted time. I wanted to move quickly through that step and all I got was uneatable bread. Being able to laugh at myself now, I can observe that when I find myself in a need to rush through a project, I can practice the mood of patience and know the outcome will be more in alignment with my goal and much better bread.

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