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My Observation is 100% perfect for what I am creating

When I first heard the comment that “my observer is 100% for what I am creating”, I thought curious.

Then I remembered a phrase my dad use to say “If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep living the way you are living.” Simple and to the point.

The results I get in my life are in direct response from what I put out there. If I show up at work in a mood of resentment, I will continue to get resistance from the people that I work with. If I change my mood to show up in generosity, the whole mood around me changes and the people that I work with respond in kind.

So, whatever I want to create is always 100% perfect for the results I am creating. If I want my results to be that everyone around me stays away, then being in a mood of resentment will get me those results.

Today I am going to practice the mood of playfulness. I love the lightness that I feel in this mood and if the results I observe are for those around me to smile and play back, then it will be 100% perfect!!

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