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My wish for you

My Wish for you as we enter in to 2022 is:

  • That you heart is strong and deep and that growing each year is a gift given freely. Honor that.

  • That you remember that we never know when we will see someone for the last time. So let each time be a lasting moment. Even a hug, a smile, a wave will be etched in your heart for ever.

  • That you realize being vulnerable is not a weakness, but where your true strength comes from. That Courage over Comfort does not make you weak, it makes you a warrior.

  • That you know simplicity does not mean its simple, it means you chose to let go of the chaos

  • That you spend more time with yourself, Go on walks, go to a restaurant, take that trip. Get to know the you that is patiently waiting to be heard.

  • That you remember that our mistakes are not failures, they can be our greatest teachers

  • That you know in your heart that being in a good relationship is not being with the right person, it is being the best person you can be in the relationship.

  • That you know that it is never too late to rewrite your story. That the page between chapters is only a pause. Use that pause to give yourself time to really know what you want to write. That you truly are the author of your own story.

  • That you allow yourself to know that when you stumble as you will, never lose faith that you will rise even stronger.

  • That you hold true to the belief that talking about people when they are not there serves no purpose to you other than to dilute your intention to live with kindness towards others.

  • That you remember that each of us is on this journey to make a difference. That to be a witness to that is our souls honor.

  • That you know that sometimes we all need to talk less and listen more.

  • That your heart reminds you that the space between knowing and not knowing is where new possibilities happen.

  • And finally that you know our creator has allowed us this opportunity to be whatever we chose to be. That there is a white piece of velvet within each of us he or she does not let anyone soil. That you are a radiant and precious being that at any given moment can chose. So my final wish is that you allow yourself space to be human. We each have a life patiently waiting to be lived. So in 2022 in a world that seems upside down and inside out, I wish you love and all the grace you need to write this next chapter, walk this next path and live your best life.

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