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The answer is inside of us… we just need to listen

We are all a part of an amazing system within a system within a system. When I really step back and look at the miracle of how we exist, it is exciting.

I once heard that inside all of us “There are questions waiting to be asked and answers waiting to be heard.” I love the essence of that sentence. It goes to everything I hold dear in my coaching practice. My clients have the answers inside of them to any question that I might ask. I ask the questions and sometimes give them that nudge necessary to get the conversation going to take the action they desire. But ultimately the answer comes from them.

Over the course of the last thirty years I have been seeking to understand more of the HOW, of this amazing system we call life. I got curious as to the WHY early on and decided the WHY is about purpose. From there I got in to the curiosity of HOW. I have had many wonderful teachers along the way: Carolyn Myss, Andrew Harvey, Julio Ollala, John Kabot Zin, Brené Brown, Eckhart Tolle, John O´donohue, Richard Tarnus and Stuart Heller. I have loved all of their teachings and each has been a stepping stone for my own education and coaching practice. The common theme for all of my teachers is that the answers lie within us. We just have to have the courage to be willing to show up and do the work.

As a coach it is the ability to hold the space for my clients to play around in these spaces of WHY and HOW that gets me the most excited. Why am I here? Why do I not feel fulfilled with what I am doing? How do I change those habits that no longer serve me? How do I have those conversations no one likes to have, but are necessary? Why is it I do not feel enough? How do I learn to live a life of passion? How do I move through the pain of living in recovery? How do I take charge of my health and wellness?

The HOW of coaching is teaching them a new language, new movements and new tools to show up differently.

What I know is that living a life fully present, being able to live in the moment with gratitude and awareness is important and vital to our happiness. Having a shared language is one of the stepping stones along this path to a whole hearted life.

Everyone has the answers inside of themselves…. We just need to listen.

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