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Turning it over

There are times in our lives when the answers just do not seem to appear. You do the work, you do the training and you do what is the right thing and yet you feel stuck. You know you need to make some changes, but changes mean uncertainty and that can feel like you are losing control.

There is a story my Dad use to share about a man who was in a boat. In the boat he had a long rope tied around a large boulder. The boulder represented all of this fear, anxiety and need to control. He decided it was time to let go. So he threw the boulder overboard. The only problem was he was afraid to let go of the rope. As he wrestled with the rope trying to hang on, he heard this voice say, "Let go of the Rope." Soon the rope was becoming so heavy he knew it would pull him in if he did not let go. Again he heard the voice say" Let go of the rope." He finally did as he knew if he did not the rock would pull him under. The interesting thing is felt lighter, freer and more optimistic about his future.

So what is it that keeps us holding on to the rock. Often it is familiarity. We can actually become comfortable with a way of being that is no longer serving us. Yet the fear of letting go is greater than the faith that something better is waiting for us.

Turning it over for me has meant that there is a power greater than myself that will restore me to a place of courage, compassion and connection. That when I can let go of the proverbial rock, with the understanding no matter what happens, I will be okay., I immediately can feel it in my body. I breath better, I feel lighter and more relaxed. Letting go is not a weakness, letting go and turning it over is just one more stepping stone to a wholehearted life. It is having faith that letting go will lead to new possibilities and peace.

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