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Every single day we get up and make the best choices we can at that given moment. To live a wholehearted life, we must show up and step into our lives with courage. The ability to take risks, even when it pushes us outside our comfort zone, allows us to greet each challenge with courage and compassion. The key is to be aware we will make mistakes and learn from them. The reward of taking those risks is to become the best version of YOU.

How It Works

Erdahl Coaching is designed with your needs at the core of our coaching. We recognize that your time and the answers you seek determine how the coaching relationship will unfold. You and your coach begin from where you are, to discover where you want to be. It is not about looking back, it isn't therapy. Coaching is where you work with an experienced, credentialed Coach to connect with yourself, redesign your life, and take action to implement it.

Certified by the International Coaching Federation, as a Professional Certified Coach(PCC), Roxanne Erdahl has been coaching individuals, teams, and organizations to find and implement what they have been needing to move them to the next level for over 25 years.

For the last eight years Roxanne has also been coaching and facilitating workshops through Erdahl Coaching as a:

Certified Dare to Lead™ and Daring Way™ Facilitator

         This groundbreaking work from best-selling author and change agent Dr. Brené Brown, has allowed Roxanne to bring a new understanding to individuals and organizations on how to create a wholehearted life both personally and professionally.

“The real gift of expanding our language, practicing this work, and cultivating meaningful connections is being able to go anywhere without the fear of getting lost. When fear, anxiety, and uncertainty leave us feeling adrift and untethered in our lives, our first instinct is to look out into the distance to find the nearest shore. But the shore isn’t something outside of us — the solid ground we’re seeking is within us. It’s not always easy to find, but it’s there. I believe the more confident we are about being able to navigate to that place, the more daring our adventures and the more connected we are to ourselves and each other.” 

~Brené Brown~

Working with Erdahl Coaching, you will focus on how to:

  • Break out of old habits and patterns

  • Discover the root cause of issues that hold you back

  • Find out what motivates each person and turn it into success.

  • Face risk, uncertainty, and tough conversations with courage, clarity, and empathy.

  • Become a “new observer” of your emotions and stories and learn how to show up with courage… even when faced with failure, disappointment, and setbacks.

  • Choose the best actions and practices for meaningful and sustainable change

  • Transform you or your group to produce your desired outcomes

  • Create the life or workplace that mirrors what matters most to you

  • Use language, new attitudes, and physical presence to create powerful new actions in both your professional and personal lives

  • Learn how to operationalize this learning to your own personal life or that of your team or organization

  • Learn to recapture playfulness and being lighthearted and be a happier YOU


These are only part of our conversation.
We bring this work to individuals and organizations through:

One-on-One Coaching - Team and Executive Coaching - Group Coaching

Dare to Lead™ - Retreats and Workshops - Speaking Engagements



Roxanne Erdahl  PCC, CDTLF,CDWF

Roxanne Erdahl created Erdahl Coaching out of a belief that conversations can create new actions.  Her passion to inspire people and companies to succeed for over 30 years is based on her collective training, experience and belief in the ability to change and show up as our authentic selves.

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