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For over 25 years the Erdahl Coaching has worked with individuals, organizations, and companies who were ready to take the steps necessary to break old habits and paradigms that were no longer serving them.

We love celebrating the success of our friends, clients, and colleague. We are happy to share with you some of their stories.

There are few people that "sparkle" from across the room. Roxanne is one of them. She attracts people like honey, and has a way of connecting that is open, deep, and truly unique. Her clients rave about the quick progress they've made with her, and her colleagues all hope to be lucky enough to collaborate with her on projects. She is an incredible leader, with a humble quality that creates a team spirit in whatever she is involved in. There is nothing that this woman cannot do!

Adora English

Global Communications and Brand Management

at Universal Creative

Roxanne is a coach and a mentor. It is who she is and what she does. She's been applying these talents successfully in the workplace for years, and it is good news that she is offering these gifts to a broader network. Roxanne is smart, compassionate and intuitive. She can look at a situation, see what is going on and understand how individuals are reacting. Her perspective is insightful and consistently on target. She lives her values and will fight for what she believes in. I have witnessed the impact of her work and would recommend her highly.

Kim Hefley


I've known Roxanne for several years and came to know her as an account executive for Gazette Communications. Roxanne has outstanding people skills and was deeply involved with the interests of her clients. She was an early adopter of the concept of multi-media marketing and advanced her position within the company to a coaching role. Roxanne is a great leader and very compassionate about her clients. She's also just a very nice person to know.

Scott Swenson

Regional Director at Kirkwood SBDC

"I had the pleasure of working with Roxanne in 2016. I was struggling with 3 major issues at the time, one was career related and two were personal. I specifically sought her out because of her Daring Way certification as I connect strongly with Brene Brown's work. Roxanne provided a safe place for me to share what was in my heart and on my mind. She leveraged many resources in addition to Brene Brown's to provide guidance for me on my journey. Her observations were insightful and she was supportive of my growth and development. I was able to work through all three issues in a way that led to a stronger belief in myself and what I wanted for my life. I appreciate that we are still connected 2 years later. I highly recommend Roxanne for anyone searching for answers within themselves, she will help you find them! "

Robin Springer

Associate Budget Officer at The University of Iowa

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