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Abundant Sunshine

The weatherman just said that ‘Today, we will have ABUNDANT SUNSHINE”. I immediately looked up from what I was doing in excitement. I love the word ABUNDANT, how thrilling to look forward to a day in abundance.

How many times do we say without thinking” Have a nice day…”? I have never really liked that saying, nice day. What does that mean? Not quite the same if the weatherman said, “Nice day of Sunshine.”

Abundance means fullness, overflowing, bathing in, surrounded by all that will fill you up. Language is our vehicle to share our emotions, to give labels to what we are feeling and thinking. Nice day for me brings up average, abundant brings up glorious.

Ontological learning brings all three areas of body, emotions, and language in to play. When I say ABUNDANT SUNSHINE, what I observe is that I feel excited and my body says I am open to what the day will bring.

So for today I look forward to going out and “being” in Abundant Sunshine… hope you will join me!

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