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Giving myself permission too…..

One of the most wonderful things I have learned from my training with Brené Brown was the practice of “Giving myself permission too:” Brené calls them our permission slips. When I first went through training with her I noticed that she wears blue jean jackets a lot. I found out its because of all the pockets. In each pocket is a post it note with a permission slip. They always start with “Today I give myself permission too:” I absolutely love this practice and use it with all of my clients. The reason it is so effective is that it is a very simple way of checking in with ourselves. How do I really feel? What do I really need? What do I want from this day? It was through this exercise that I have learned to let myself be tired. To give myself permission to be curious, to not have all the answers and to be courageous. To be silly and have fun. To be kind and to be strong.

2016 was a really tough year for me personally. Many things happened that tested my faith and ability to show up as I wanted. There was loss and sadness. And that place that always challenges me; that space between knowing and not knowing.

So I decided to give myself permission to go on a sabbatical of sorts for the month of January. I decided to use it as a time for reflection and reset. I am using it as a time to take those online classes I signed up for but did not complete. And to get quiet and meditate. To allow myself that space to answer the same questions I give my clients at the beginning of each year.

1. What lessons did I learn from the goals I achieved in 2016 that has moved me more towards the person I wanted to become? What were the blessings? What were the challenges?

2. How do I show up differently today with my family and friends due to the things I learned in 2016?

3. What do I want more of in 2017?

4. What am I willing to let go of that am no longer serving me?

5. What would you tell your younger self about what you learned this year that you think they would have wanted to know?

I am excited to spend time with myself. To explore the answers to these questions and to just be.

I am also looking forward to writing more and to hearing more from all of you.

So hear is to recalibrating and the reset. The joy is in the journey…

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