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Be Like a Tree

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As I was looking out my window after my morning meditation I was struck by all the trees that surround my home. I have lived in this area for almost 19 years and am encircled by trees. They are in many ways a touchstone for the cycle of my life. We are now entering in to fall, where the leaves turn brilliant shades of red, yellows and browns, that bring color and a sense of anticipation to our lives. Then we move in to winter, a time where the leaves all fall to the ground and we are reminded to slow down and pace ourselves for our bodies too need to sleep and to regenerate. Then spring comes with the anticipation of new and fresh. And finally summer with all the vibrant colors of various flowering trees, finally settling on the lushness and bounty of summer with its many shades of green.

Four times a year the trees “turn over a new leaf.”

A new perspective, a new conversation, and new possibilities for growth.

Yet there is so much more to trees than their leaves. Their leaves are just one element of an amazing system with in a system with in a system. Like a tree we too are a system within a system. We are these amazing spiritual beings in these human physical bodies. We too need to remember the importance of staying grounded. Of connecting to our roots. I have a practice I teach in my workshops where I teach people how to stay grounded. There is a reason when people are having anxiety they are told to plant your feet on the floor. Go outside and touch the earth. One training I had years ago, the trainer had us all go out and walk among the trees. “Feel them. touch them, connect to their roots in the ground.” You too are connected to earth. It grounds you. Ever wonder why walking in nature, can calm you down. You are connecting to the earth, out of your head, into your body.

Last week as the rain pummeled my house, I looked outside and saw the trees bent to their limits from high winds. They bend, because if they did not, they would break. We too need to learn to bend in times of turmoil. It is scary sometimes to bend, when every instinct is to take it head on. But to bend is to soften in to what ever it is that is causing us pain and turmoil. Soften is to have faith that there is a higher power that is watching over us and will guide us through the storm.

And finally we must “Keep growing”. I have often wondered why it seems that to grow is the hardest. To stretch our abilities to become the best version of ourselves. In a world that seems to be demanding more of us, while at the same time giving less in the way of time and resources; how do we grow? We do so by continuing to see the world through the eye’s of a child. To never loose our sense of wonder, awe, and exploration. The other day one of my daughter in laws told me I do not act my age. I had to chuckle, because at times I definitely feel my age, but the heart knows no age. The heart knows what is knows.

So, just like a tree I will:

Stay Grounded

Connect with my roots

Turn over a new leaf

Bend before I break

Enjoy unique and natural beauty

Keep Growing

My invitation to you is to join me!!

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