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Patience… not always

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

This past week I found out that my website was down. I immediately checked off the list of possible reasons and after checking everything, I had no idea what was going on. I emailed the person who had originally created my website thinking he might be able to figure it out. He replied he did not know so I went to the source, the company that hosts my site.

I did not have to wait very long listening to elevator music before a voice came on to ask what could be the problem. We worked through a few scenarios together and when nothing worked he said:

” I will need to go offline for a few minutes and get back to you, please hold.”

I hold for 20 minutes. Yes you are probably saying why did you wait so long? Good question, one that I asked myself. He never did come back on the line, I finally hung up and called again.

What I realized is there is a difference between being patient and waiting for something that you have no control over and pushing back when someone is just not moving forward.

We can sometimes give someone too long a period of time, when a nudge is in order.

Being assertive is an assets that is necessary at times to achieve the goal that is in front of you.

So the lesson I learned was not to be negative towards myself for being too patient, but to weigh out all the variables, including the value of my time and when necessary, move from patience into assertion and create the action necessary to get the task done.

The end of the story is there is good news and bad. The bad news I lost everything I had posted after October of last year, but the good news is I have my site back and today is a new day ready for a new adventure!

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